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As a child and through my 20s I used pens or pencils to draw everything I saw around me; I carried a sketchbook to summer camp, to friends' houses, to college, to work; I made my own greeting cards for friends and family; I doodled in the margins of school notebooks, on paper napkins, on company letterhead during conference calls.  Then, in my late 30s, I started taking painting classes. I began by painting landscapes and still-lifes, and eventually discovered a new "voice" with abstract art! The motion of a paintbrush, especially on a larger canvas, frees my imagination and allows me to transfer my moods onto a tangible place for others to see and (hopefully) enjoy.


I did not attend art school, nor do I have a formal art background beyond occasional classes and workshops I've taken here and there. My degree, from Carnegie Mellon University, is in Economics, and I worked in the corporate world for several years before leaving to spend more time with my two sons. In 2011, I went back to school to become a Sign Language Interpreter -- which I am and enjoy immensely! When I am not interpreting, I can often be found in my third-floor studio, painting with acrylic, watercolors or oil sticks. In warmer weather, I enjoy heading outside with my spray paints. I also love photography, and tend to focus on the textures, lines and colors of objects found in nature. 


It's so important to continually seek to evolve and self-actualize. The desire to "find oneself" and seek out clarity in everyday life is what seems to distinguish humans from animals. Insight leads to personal growth, and vice-versa. To that end, I hope my artwork will always be evolving and changing as my understanding of who I am becomes clearer. When I paint, I am not focused on an end-product. I am responding to a visceral desire to express a feeling, thought or concept. Painting helps to remind me that finding oneself is not as much fun as losing oneself, and getting lost often leads to the most memorable adventures!

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Eileen Brill

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